Re-configuring workers in Satellite 6.13 for performance tunning

While there is a very complete Satellite 6.13 Performance tuning guide, I always struggle to find these parameters whenever I happen to change the CPU and RAM resources when Satellite is configured as a Virtual Machine.

Usually I care about tunning two things:

  • a) The number of Puma workers (helps with Satellite WebUI responsiveness and with the number of dynflow tasks it can handle)

  • b) The number of pulp workers so I can synchronize more repositories in parallel.

To tune this, in a 16 vCPU machine, I would use something like:

satellite-installer \
 --foreman-foreman-service-puma-workers=8 \
 --foreman-foreman-service-puma-threads-min=16 \
 --foreman-foreman-service-puma-threads-max=16 \

Happy hacking!