Notes about pens

And now for something completely different, let's talk about pens. I'm a big fan of stationery, however I strongly refrain from buying lots of fancy pens and writing pads because they usually remain unused and taking lots of space.

I wanted to use this post to document some of the pens that work well for me so whenever I need to buy replacements, I don't spend lots of time figuring which one was good for what -- or even if I should buy a specific model at all.

Being left handed means I don't use many of the fountain pens at all - I haven't found a comfortable way of writing with them, plus the additional mess they make because ink is never dry enough when I put my hand on it to continue writing.

Anyway, my list of currently useful pens:

  • Uni-Ball Vision RT Black UBN-178. Writes well on my Moleskine; ink doesn't bleed and get dry fast enough so I can write without delays. With a 0.8 size, the stroke creates a ticker line.

  • Uni-Ball UB-150. With a thinner stroke (0.5) usually writes well on any paper, including Moleskine.

  • Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 Grip. Again a 0.5 ball creates a thin stroke. The ink in this case usually faints a bit after drying out, and produces a lighter blue - which is to be taken into account if you really want your text to strike out.

  • Pilot G2 07. Now a gel pen with a thicker stroke. I really like this pen however is probably the messiest one in terms of wet ink, so I should really not use this pen anymore

  • Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5. An oldie, but goodie. I haven't used one of these in a while but they provided sharp lines with no traces of running ink.

I'll keep updating this page if I find new pens that I like -- I'm well stoked for the time being though!