Introduction to hammer csv

Hammer CSV is an extension of the Satellite hammer administration tool, built by Thomas McKay. The main idea behind it was to generate machine-parsable export of different Satellite configurations that can be easily applied among Organizations of same/different Satellite servers.

What is developed so far is:

  • activation-keys
  • architectures
  • compute-profiles
  • compute-resources
  • containers
  • content-hosts
  • content-view-filters
  • content-views
  • domains
  • host-collections
  • host-groups
  • hosts
  • installation-media
  • job-templates
  • lifecycle-environments
  • locations
  • operating-systems
  • organizations
  • partition-tables
  • products
  • provisioning-templates
  • puppet-environments
  • puppet-facts
  • puppet-reports
  • reports
  • roles
  • settings
  • smart-proxies
  • subnets
  • subscriptions
  • sync-plans
  • users

And these are a few ideas of what can be done :

  • Export Content Views and Composite Content Views between Satellites, provided that you are using date-based CV filters.
  • Backup your settings to a git repo so you can understand when changes have been done.
  • Export your hosts/content-hosts to a list.

I put together a very simple export script that can be used to poke around what is actually being exported :

Update 2017-08-29: There is a very nice blog post by Rich Jerrido that covers advanced hammer csv usage and reporting of custom fields, available at: Subscription-manager for the former Red Hat Network User: Part 12 - Subscription Reporting Tools

Happy hacking!